Social Cohesion Through Pottery

Social cohesion is a vital ingredient to the success of any society.

SOCIAL – people, group, strangers, friends, differences, variety, diversity.

COHESION – together, bond, bind, stick, fasten, join

POTTERY – mould, press, join, make, create, fun, soft, colourful, sculpture, decoration

Hout Bay Social Pottery Initiative runs a weekly not-for-profit pottery class at Pottery at Earthworx in Hout Bay that encourages members of our diverse community to enjoy making things out of clay and interacting with others from all backgrounds.

Our aim is to provide skills to empower adults to recognise their creative potential and become artists in their own right. We would love to facilitate growth for individuals and assist them to become a thriving business using only their hands. We aim to source commissions, also there will be a space in our store to sell your goods and our intention is to create and run a successful market stall. All proceeds will go towards running costs and profit from sale of goods will go directly to the artist responsible for making the work sold.

Whilst Julie and Toinette are there to facilitate the sessions, the main aim of the class is for people to come together and enjoy an opportunity for creativity in the inspirational atmosphere of a studio, A place where people can share skills and ideas.

If you would like to join in, or if you would like to support this initiative with a financial contribution then please contact The studio.

We have an adult and a childrens program available. Read more about the program HERE