Creating a dream Job

HBSPI was founded to allow for two things: one to be a creative well equipped space for the founders Julie and Katie to play with clay at will, the other reason was derived from the conditions of operating in the maker space called Workspace. These conditions created and maintained by Craig Dunlop were that we were to offer some kind of skills training and earning opportunities to the less fortunate community living in Hout Bay.

So how did we do it…

We encouraged friends to join us and learn pottery from us the modest skills we had acquired on our respective potting journeys. These friends came on board and paid us for materials and our guidance thereby allowing us to provide an equipped studio to offer bursaries to students. The criteria for the bursary was “show up”. If applicants were willing and interested and committed to the weekly lessons then we would welcome them back week after week.

The finances were often tricky and we had to ensure we were growing as well as offering a quality service to the paying members of the studio. We conducted short courses, corporate events, workshops and open days and exhibitions to generate the additional income we needed to keep the clay coming and the kiln firing.

The result…. An amazing group of students each from different environments in the diverse valley that is Hout Bay. Visitors from Canada and the UK, South Africans from Durban, Capetonians, Zimbabweans, Harbour residents, Informal settlement residents all mixing and sharing stories and ideas. Social cohesion at work.

This so called socially responsible project allowed NGO’s and CSI to incorporate us into their world. Go for Gold hosted their Year end function in the studio, GESKENK were also able to include our ceramics as part of their conscious gifting Offering.

Our move to the new larger earthworx studio gave rise to Pottery at Earthworx in October 2019. The large sunny, inviting well positioned studio allowed for frequent workshops, retail space, and Childrens classes.