Toinette Lindley

“get up each day and set your hand to something you believe in, and as you learn, pass the skill on and encourage others.”

Toinette Lindley

Toinette’s journey with clay started twenty four years ago, she knew that she had found her medium of expression then. Over the years she has honed her skill as a potter by not only immersing herself in the process but by having had some wonderful teachers along the way.  In her own words “ clay is marvelous, you never know everything and will spend your life as a student.”

“I believe in God like I believe in the rising sun, not because I see it, but because by it, I see everything else.”

– C.S. Lewis –

Toinette joined Katie and Julie in September 2020 to extend the studio offering of more adult classes and a Childrens class. Toinette has had 20 years experience as a teacher of various grades in local schools. She has also successfully run school pottery programmes. Her love for kids is evident in her teaching style and her students are creating some amazing work. We are loving our journey together. In addition to the classes, Toinette offers some lovely workshops through the year. She has also run our Dennis Goldberg House of Hope Teens pottery workshop.

tLc Ceramics

From her own studio in Hout Bay, Toinette creates a range of unique pieces ranging from bespoke tableware and jewelry to one – off works of art.

While her company tLc represents the initials of her name, it also reflects the “tender loving care” that she instills into every distinctive piece that she creates. Click here to visit her website.